Behind every wellness product we offer is a complete organization, encompassing various aspects such as :

  • Coordination of production partners
  • Store and order management
  • Support from our partner pharmacies and drugstores
  • Administrative follow-up
  • Logistics
  • Customer service

The less visible face of our company is made up of a team that shares common values, an essential point in meeting our customers' needs. From our beginnings with just two people, Naturalpes has gradually expanded to a team of seven.

To ensure fast, high-quality service and a high degree of autonomy, we have chosen to bring together as many skills as possible within the company.
Our teams, from the boutiques to customer service, play a crucial role in responding to your messages on the site chat, dealing with your questions by e-mail, and carrying out quality checks on each batch before it goes to market.

At head office, Bénédicte, Johann, Florian and Gavin take care of the complete management of the structure, including finance, marketing, sales, logistics and after-sales service, and above all the assurance of a flawless quality management system. They are the heart of our company, ensuring its smooth running and giving it its cruising speed.
Lionel, Mathias and Aurélie are the faces of Naturalpes, advising and supporting our customers at our sales outlets in Sion and Martigny.

The values we stand for are more than just words; they guide our team every day and define the life of Naturalpes. Every aspect and every operation is carefully calculated and organized, enabling us to grow from a simple idea to a thriving business.

We would like to thank you sincerely for the trust you have placed in us and for visiting our website. Your well-being is, and always will be, our top priority.

Team Naturalpes

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