At Naturalpesour aim is for our users to experience only the benefits of CBD. But behind each product lies an entire organization:

  • Choosing seeds and varieties
  • Oil production
  • Store and order management
  • Support for our dealers
  • Administrative and logistical follow-up
  • Support and customer service

Without this less visible facet of the company, we wouldn't be able to satisfy all the needs of our customers and partners. If they have been loyal since the launch of Naturalpesour team has a lot to do with it.

From its beginnings as a two-person operation, the company has grown over the years to include around ten employees who are convinced of the benefits of CBD cannabis. All of them identify with the values of Naturalpes.

To guarantee fast, high-quality service and a high degree of autonomy, we wanted to have as many skills as possible directly within the company. From boutiques to customer service, all the work is done by our teams.

For example, they are the ones who respond to your messages on the site chat or to your questions by e-mail. We also carry out quality controls on each batch before it goes to market.

Lionel, Mathias and Aurélie are the faces of Naturalpes every day. They advise and support our customers in store.

Experienced and knowledgeable about Naturalpes products and the benefits of CBD cannabis in general, our team responds to the questions, needs and desires of users in our stores.

In the offices of Naturalpes, Bénédicte, Daniel, Florian and Gavin take care of :

  • Administration and finance
  • Purchasing
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Logistics
  • After-sales service

They are the heart of the company, what keeps it running and gives it its cruising speed.

Finally, Johann is the director of Naturalpes. He co-founded the company with a friend, Gaetano, who has since left the adventure. Johann Boschung has now taken over the reins of the company, which he runs with the enthusiasm of his entrepreneurial spirit.

Naturalpesis a team, driven by a group spirit and atmosphere: moments of life during or outside working hours, and a passion for cannabis and its virtues. Each and every one of us works daily to democratize this plant, so that the world can benefit from it.

The values upheld by the company are more than just words; they drive our team forward on a daily basis and in the life of Naturalpes.

With us, everything is calculated and organized.

This enabled Naturalpes to go from an idea to a business. We started with a boutique, and today we sell our products online across Europe.

This rigor has earned us a loyal clientele and partners. It also guarantees a range of high-quality products since 2017.

Thanks to all this, your well-being is, and always will be, our priority.

We would like to thank you sincerely for your trust and your visit to this website.

Team Naturalpes

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