In February 2017, two friends - Johann and Gaetano - founded Naturalpes. The two young entrepreneurs share a passion for the unloved plant that is cannabis. CBD had just been legalized in Switzerland and they were interested in its therapeutic potential. At the time, the market was flooded with CBD flowers for "recreational" use.

2017: birth of Naturalpes

The two partners wanted to offer the well-being benefits of CBD to everyone. As true pioneers, they decided to embark on their adventure and work towards the democratization of this plant. Little by little, they built up a professional network in the farming community of Valais, in the Swiss Alps. Through meetings, discussions and exchanges, they selected and collaborated with the best Valaisan and Swiss CBD cannabis producers. A relationship of trust was established and developed to ensure the long-lasting quality of the products: to put it mildly, and we're proud of it, most of the current Naturalpes producers were there when the company was launched.

The production and marketing of cannabis requires seriousness and transparency. Indeed, hemp is generally regarded as dangerous by public authorities in Switzerland and Europe. This is why Naturalpes and its partners have always worked hand in hand with the various authorities.

All these steps may seem counterproductive from a business point of view. But Naturalpes doesn't just want to supply a product: we want to support our customers and build a relationship of trust.

In this process, 4 axes guide us:

Natural and organic CBD

Quality plants lead to quality by-products. This is the basis of Naturalpes's philosophy. All our products are natural and derived from organically grown cannabis plants.

It makes no sense to work any other way. For us, health includes the health of our environment.

Swiss know-how

Naturalpes is a Swiss company. A pioneering country when it comes to CBD, where it's been legal since 2017. What's more, we're committed to honoring the Swiss made quality mark. It's our identity.

This is why we have obtained ISO 9001 certification. This certifies the attention paid to physical product control and quality management.

Our oils are extracted, tested and analyzed in Switzerland.


Our mission: your well-being. All our products are conceived, designed and manufactured with this objective in mind. In the tradition of many medicinal plants, we know that our products can help with chronic pain and stress.

Since 2017, we've been convinced that the virtues of cannabis should be available to everyone.

Transparency and support

New markets attract more opaque investors than enthusiasts. CBD is no exception to the rule.

After a saturation of supply, only those companies that meet the standards are resisting. This is the case with Naturalpes, which has a proven track record in the CBD industry. This phase of "natural selection" has enabled us to reinforce our values:

  • Trust
  • Communication
  • Exchange
  • Transparency

That's why Naturalpes "opens its doors". We make available to you all the different analyses of our products. What's more, all our processes are carried out under strict control in accordance with legal standards.

We follow every step of the process, from plant cultivation to laboratory analysis. Every batch of every product is :

  • Layout
  • Numbered
  • Tested

This vision will become a reality in June 2017, with the opening of the first boutique Naturalpes, in Martigny.

CBD Valais Martigny

2018-2020: another point of sale and an e-shop

At the same time, a high-performance online sales service is being developed. It will be operational in April 2018. The emphasis is on what is the company's strength: guidance. Indeed, the entire Naturalpes team is there to guide every customer, directly on the website chat . The chat is managed by in-store staff, as well as the administrative center. So there's always one of our experienced staff on hand to answer questions.

Success came quickly. Annual sales increased 5-fold, and Naturalpes moved into spacious new premises in Martigny's industrial zone. From here, the company manages administration, logistics, storage and shipping.

In April 2019, a second boutique will open in Sion, in the old town of the capital of the canton of Valais.

At the beginning of 2020, Gaetano decides to leave Naturalpes, to concentrate on other projects. Johann Boschung takes over the reins of the company, which he leads with a talented and passionate team.

CBD Shop Switzerland

2020-2022 pandemic, certifications and international development

While covid put the brakes on the global economy, Naturalpes was able to withstand the crisis. Certainly thanks to its progressive and healthy development.

At the same time, Naturalpes decided to have its best practices certified. Hundreds of hours of work went into obtaining two certifications:

  • ISO 9001
    The ISO standard certifies the implementation of a quality management system to continuously improve customer satisfaction and deliver compliant products and services.
    It is subject to an annual follow-up audit and must be revalidated every 3 years.
  • B Corp
    This certification is awarded to companies that meet certain standards in terms of sustainability, transparency and reliability. Five areas are assessed: governance, employees, customers and positive impact on the environment and society.

These certifications are signs of Naturalpes 's strong determination to continue growing solidly and "at the right speed".

In 2021, economic recovery will enable Naturalpes to expand outside Switzerland.


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