CBD oil for pets



CBD oil for pets from Naturalpes is intended for the well-being of our four-legged companions. This CBD oil is produced in the same way as Wellness oil, i.e. it contains no THC, and the base of the CBD extract is a distillate, which preserves all the plant's properties.

Although THC-free, this range of CBD oils benefits from the entourage effect of cannabinoids. This entourage effect refers to the synergy achieved by all the components. In simple terms, we can say that each active ingredient in hemp amplifies the properties of the others.
As far as the composition is concerned, we have included fish oil, to make it more pleasant for animals to take.

At Naturalpes, the pet range consists of two products:

  • CBD DOGS Oil for dogs (5% cannabidiol)
  • CBD CATS Oil for cats (3% cannabidiol)

Pet oil is ideal for pets in the following situations:

  •  Improving emotional balance
  • Enhancing mobility
  • Regain tonicity

The growing use of CBD for animals

Cannabidiol is increasingly prescribed as a natural alternative for dogs and cats. Most often in oil form, as a supplement to a healthy diet. According to Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS), the results in terms of efficacy are very convincing.
It's worth noting that it's important to supervise the use of CBD by pets. Even if it helps reduce certain blockages or senility, CBD should not be given to "calm down" a young animal. To this end, it is strongly recommended that CBD be used under veterinary supervision, and dosages should be progressive.


CBD Oil for Dogs 5%
25.00 CHF - 70.00 CHF

CBD Oil for Dogs 5%

Choice of options
CBD oil for cats 3%
20.00 CHF - 50.00 CHF

CBD oil for cats 3%

Choice of options

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