shop CBD in Zurich: where can I buy CBD?

Legal basis for CBD: what the law says is valid in Switzerland

Thanks to the potential of the hemp plant, CBD is gaining more and more ground in Switzerland. Since 2017, the use of cannabidiol has already been legal in the Confederation, and is giving rise to more and more stores and online boutiques, among which it is often difficult to keep an overview. As the production and sale of cannabis is strictly regulated in Switzerland, we recommend that you first familiarize yourself with the legal situation surrounding CBD consumption before buying CBD oils, cosmetics and teas online or in a shop CBD shop. Because between cannabis, THC and CBD, it's sometimes not so easy to get your bearings.
First of all, it's important to understand the difference between THC and CBD: Both substances are cannabis derivatives and are extracted from the hemp plant, but THC is a psychotropic substance with intoxicating effects, while CBD is reputed to have calming and anti-inflammatory effects. The basic requirement for Swiss CBD products is that they have a THC content of less than 1%, as in this case they contain no psychoactive substances and are therefore not subject to the Narcotics Law. This limit helps to distinguish legal from illegal hemp products. To be sure you're getting your CBD products from a reputable distributor, you need to make sure they guarantee the traceability of their production chains and comply with all the main quality assurance procedures expected of a certified company. By opting for an experienced manufacturer that meets the legal standards in force in Switzerland, you'll be on the safe side and able to enjoy the various positive effects CBD can have on your well-being without worry.

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Buy high quality Swiss CBD

People who start looking for a CBD store on the Internet quickly find what they're looking for, but caution is advised! The boom in CBD products is also attracting some black sheep who offer inferior products and don't pay enough attention to environmental protection or sustainability.

Naturalpes is B-Corp certified, which means we put the planet and its inhabitants before profit. We're building tomorrow's world in harmonious balance with nature and people. Our brand-new B-Corporation status hasn't changed our DNA, it's simply strengthened it. Thanks to this B-Corpcertification, our unwavering commitment to respect for the planet and integrity is now a permanent part of our evolution. To qualify for certification, companies must pass a series of rigorous assessments designed to demonstrate the positive impact of their activities and business model, from the supply chain and raw materials to product packaging and employee benefits.

Even the claim that a CBD product is made in Switzerland can often be misleading, as many producers do, after all, source their raw materials from abroad. Naturalpes In contrast, our products are 100% Swiss-made, so that we can always guarantee the highest quality to our customers. This is why our products also bear the controlled "Swiss Made" label. We use only natural ingredients and completely renounce harmful chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers and additives. As your satisfaction is our top priority, we guarantee the seamless traceability of our CBD oils and all other Naturalpes products at all times. Our professional know-how is applied from the harvesting of the seeds to the manufacture of the final product. Naturalpes works hand in hand with several competent Valais farmers, who cultivate CBD plants with a high cannabidiol content for our production, always ensuring that their THC content is below the legal standard. What's more, Naturalpes is the first Swiss cannabis company to hold a certification linked to a canton. CBD cannabis is grown locally under highly controlled conditions, in open-air fields, indoors or in special greenhouses.

Because of the high quality and traceability of its products and services, Naturalpes has been awarded ISO 9001 certification: This globally recognized standard guarantees our customers that the most stringent quality requirements are met, that production processes are carefully controlled, and that we are working towards continuous improvement. Our high quality standards not only apply to environmental protection and sustainability, we also ensure that our business partners comply with our ethical standards for labor and fairness at every stage of production. If you're interested in high-quality CBD products, Naturalpes online shop is the right place for you; contact us and let us advise you!

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The best CBD store in Zurich: Pfister's CBD

Zurich is now home to a large number of stores selling CBD products of all kinds. Here too, it's essential to choose CBD products from companies that meet the highest quality standards. In many specialist stores, the emphasis is on professional, personal advice. Staff listen to your individual wishes and take the time to work with you to find the right product for your needs - whether it's CBD drops, a soothing herbal tea or a balm.

To buy Naturalpes products in Zürich, you can go to the CBD Shop

Pfister's Cbd
Langstrasse 237
8005 Zürich

You'll find a wide selection of quality CBD oils and many other CBD products. Come and visit us for advice and personalized service.

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Buy CBD online: the best quality and the best choice

If you want to buy CBD in a particularly simple way, Naturalpes 's shop online is the right address: On our website, we provide users with practical advice on CBD and offer a varied range of products. Natural CBD oils made in Switzerland, CBD cosmetics, herbal teas and even CBD drops for pets can be ordered legally online in just a few clicks, and delivered within 24 hours with free shipping on purchases of CHF 100 or more. Our RAW, GOLD, WELLNESS and pet oils are available with different CBD contents to best meet the varied needs of our customers. You can always count on the fact that our CBD products are 100% "Made in Switzerland" and thus meet the highest quality standards.

If you still have questions, our customer service is always at your disposal. During service hours, you can chat directly with us to voice your concerns and clarify any questions you may have. We'll be happy to advise you in detail on your individual requirements and help you find the product best suited to your needs. And if you're in any doubt about dosage, we'll be happy to offer you a wealth of advice and expertise. The quality of our customer service is also reflected in the ratings of Naturalpes. The short delivery times, good value for money of our products, the simplicity of the ordering process and the possibility of obtaining direct, personalized advice on the Naturalpes chat are regularly praised. On our website, you'll find over 1,000 reviews from satisfied customers., which you can consult at any time to get an idea of the quality of our products!

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