At Naturalpeswe believe that cannabis is a plant, not a drug. That's why we offer natural, organic CBD. And it starts with the basic product: the cannabis plant varieties. In concrete terms, this means that the hemp we use contains no synthetics. The same goes for the hemp seed oil and organic coconut oil we add to our oils. The result is naturally healthy, organic products that develop optimal flavours and properties.

And this aspect is of paramount importance in the field of wellness cannabis.

Because, for us, it's obvious: we're convinced that cannabis improves our everyday well-being. And our well-being, in the broadest sense, includes that of our planet. Of course, our growers understand and share our desire to do the right thing: their activity respects the cannabis plant, its environment and the biodiversity that surrounds it.

Strict quality criteria

This logic is reflected throughout the production chain, as we focus on :

  • Proximity

The fields where the CBD cannabis we use is grown are all in the Valais, close to our premises. We can go and see our plants, and we know the people who grow them. We work in a united and transparent way. This proximity also offers an ecological advantage, since every kilometer that isn't spent transporting goods is a kilometer saved and a small victory.

  • Sustainability

The farmers we work with have been with us from the start. Naturalpes. This longevity enables us to create a relationship of trust with cannabis growers and guarantee a high and stable production quality. This is one of our main criteria, in a legal cannabis market where many people have jumped on the bandwagon without the proper knowledge or equipment to grow hemp.

In ecological and climatic terms, we believe it is our duty to minimize our impact on the environment. Small streams make big rivers. And our stream is doing well: Naturalpes was awarded B Corp certification in January 2023. This attests to certain standards in terms of sustainable development, transparency and reliability, proving the company's real public utility.

  • Quality and consistency

At the same time, we constantly monitor our product range. One person at Naturalpes is 100% dedicated to this task. Each batch is numbered and tested. And this applies to every stage of the manufacturing process: from seed selection to shipment by post, via the laboratory and packaging.

  • Traceability

We rigorously monitor every stage of the manufacturing process. The traceability of the raw material begins with the planting of the hemp and ends with the arrival of the plants in the laboratory, where they are transformed into oils.

We then systematically analyse the oils twice to ensure that the products are perfectly legal:

  • First time in the extraction laboratory;
  • A second in an external SAS and ISO 17025 accredited laboratory.

Traceability is an essential aspect of our production chain. This permanent monitoring, by means of batch numbers, enables us to check that each product achieves the expected level of quality.

Whether grown outdoors or indoors, our CBD plants are the embodiment of these values. They are also the result of a meticulous collaborative process:

We know which plants we need, and the growers we work with have mastered their land to perfection.

CBD cannabis cuttings are planted (between June and July), pruned (in mid-August) and harvested (in October) by hand. Cultivation generally takes place in greenhouses or outdoors, by farmers who work to organic standards or who are converting to organic farming. The drying process is not accelerated by external systems; it's important to let time do its work for a natural product.

Strong values for optimal production

CBD is a relatively new market. And like all promising markets, it attracts more opaque investors than enthusiasts.

After a saturation of supply, only companies that meet the standards are resisting. This is the case with Naturalpes, a solid player in the medicinal cannabis industry. This phase of "natural selection" has enabled us to reinforce our values:

  • Trust
  • Communication
  • Exchange
  • Transparency

Naturalpes "opens its doors". We make available to you all the different analyses of our products. What's more, all our processes are carried out under strict controls.

We provide clear monitoring, from the cultivation of the plants to the laboratory analyses.

All these steps enable us to offer our customers products of the highest possible quality. It's only through impeccable processes and rigorous quality control that cannabis can be democratized. And change its image. From a psychotropic drug to be smoked, to a plant for well-being. And why not, one day, by dint of hard work, help legalize it. Or at the very least, have it recognized for its therapeutic virtues and become a medicine controlled by the health authorities.

Swiss made

It should be noted that Naturalpes is a Swiss company. So a pioneering country when it comes to CBD cannabis, where it has been legal since 2017. What's more, we're keen to honor the Swiss-made pledge of quality. It's our identity.

This demand comes at a price, the price at which our products are sold. This price is intended to be fair for our farmers and as fair as possible for consumers.

CBD production

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