An oil symbol of excellence 

Since 2017 (creation of Naturalpes), we have specialized in the formulation of CBD-based oils and cosmetics. We want to enable as many people as possible to enjoy the benefits of cannabis oil. To achieve this, we select the best genetics, which are then carefully cultivated by plant growers specialized in CBD cannabis. Their experience and work ethic enable us to develop our products to the full. With no chemical fertilizers or synthetic pesticides, they preserve their properties while respecting the environment. The CBD plants we grow offer a complete range of cannabinoids with recognized virtues.

Swiss know-how

Achieving such quality requires a solid structure: on the one hand, benevolent, structured CBD cannabis producers based in Switzerland. On the other, a company like Naturalpes, which has the skills and experience needed to develop the formulas. Naturalpes CBD oils and cosmetics are rich in active ingredients, producing an improvement in daily comfort, according to individual needs.

A new natural alternative to restore daily harmony

Without psychotropic effects and thanks to their low THC content (less than 1% or 0% THC) - our oils convey the benefits of the cannabis plant without addiction, psychotropic effects or disinhibition, making them suitable for a wide range of people.


Why choose Wellness CBD oil?

Wellness oil is THC-free, distilled from CBD cannabis extract. As with our other ranges, Wellness oil contains a complex panel of active ingredients present in the plant to benefit from the "entourage effect" (cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes). This entourage effect refers to the synergy achieved by all the active ingredients contained in the hemp plant.
Wellness oil is versatile and can be used spontaneously or regularly. It is ideal for sports use, even in competition.

We offer this range in five strengths and four formats (bottles 5%, 13%, 20%: 10ml - 200 drops, and 30ml - 600 drops, pen 32%, 47%: 2ml - 40 drops and 4ml - 80 drops.)


Why choose Raw CBD oil?

Raw oil is derived from the first extraction of the CBD cannabis plant. This oil is the most raw product Naturalpes offers. It contains all the cannabinoids in all their forms (acid and neutral forms). Raw oil is specifically recommended for both regular and sporadic use. We offer this range in two concentrations and two formats (13% bottle: 10ml - 200 drops, and 30ml - 600 drops, 20% pen: 4ml - 80 drops).


Why choose CBD Gold oil?

Gold de Naturalpes oil comes from the first extraction of the hemp plant.
However, a "winterization" is carried out, a process which allows the extract to be cold-filtered (-70 degrees) so as to remove lipids and chlorophyll and recover a purified CBD extract. The Gold range also contains all the active ingredients found in hemp.

We offer this range in three concentrations and three formats (13%, 20% bottles: 10ml - 200 drops, and 30ml - 600 drops, 32% pen: 4ml - 80 drops).


CBD Oil for Dogs 5%
25.00 CHF - 70.00 CHF

CBD Oil for Dogs 5%

Choice of options
CBD oil for cats 3%
20.00 CHF - 50.00 CHF

CBD oil for cats 3%

Choice of options

Why choose Cats & Dogs oil?

Naturalpes pet oils are designed for the well-being of our animal friends. Developed on the same basis as Wellness products, this range contains no THC. To enrich this low-CBD oil, fish oil has been added to make it easier for your pet to consume.

Like all our oils, this range benefits from the entourage effect of cannabinoids. This entourage effect refers to the synergy achieved by all the components of the hemp plant. These components work together to enhance the plant's potential benefits for your pet.

Oils for animals are available in bottles, with a pipette specially adapted for animals. We offer this range in two concentrations and two formats (3% cats, 5% dogs: 10ml - 200 drops, and 30ml - 600 drops).

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