Athletes sponsoring

Naturalpes proudly sponsors top athletes in a variety of disciplines


Through our partnerships, we try to prove that CBD :

  • Improves athletic performance 
  • Provides mental and physical well-being before, during and after exercise
  • Promotes focus and mental clarity during training
  • Accelerates the post-workout recovery process
  • Improves daily comfort in sports practice



Ultra Trail

  • 2022: 1st out of 159 in the Santa Claus H.O.T. - 133 km / 2450 m+.
  • 2022 : 1st out of 110 at the Ultra trail des montagnes du Jura - 176 km / 7200 m+.
  • 2022: 2nd out of 82 in the Ultra 01 - 170 km / 7500 m+.
  • 2022: 7th out of 39 at the Ultra Trail des Seigneurs - 107 km / 3700 m+.
  • 2021 : 1st out of 115 at the Ultra trail des montagnes du Jura - 189 km / 7980 m+.
  • 2021: 14th out of 504 at the Swiss Canyon Trail K111 - 115 km / 5400 m+.

My story:

My name is Johan, I am 43 years old. I have a body shop in Geneva and I live in Haute Savoie.

I've been involved in sports since I was a child. Originally from Morzine (74), I have done skiing, field hockey, soccer and tennis. I am a certified ski instructor at the ESF Avoriaz.

I have been running since I was a teenager: Duathlon and triathlon are the two disciplines I started with.

In 2003, I did my first marathon, the one in New York (which I did 3 times), then I went on to Milan, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Berlin (my best time was 2h44m48s).

In 2014, I start trail running but I need more distance so in 2016 I register to my first Ultra (Ultra trail du beaujolais 102 kms) and I chain the ultras with notably the UTMB in 2021, UTMJ 2021 that I win, Ultra 01 2022 (2nd) and since I always want more.

Why I chose Naturalpes :

My meeting with Naturalpes was quite funny! On a freeway service area, I met Florian, we chatted, we exchanged our numbers and we kept in touch.

I called her because I needed advice on natural products for before and after running, as I have Achilles tendon problems.

I then order oil and balm.

Naturalpes set up a team of athletes, Florian talked about me and since then I have a partnership with them and I am delighted with our collaboration!



Ultra Trail

  • 2023: 90th out of 1551 in the Lavaredo by UTMB 120km / 5800m D+ race
  • 2023: 7th out of 55 at the Run Evasion Rhône 48km / 800m D+.
  • 2022: 12th out of 201 in the Ultra 01 100km / 4500m D+ race
  • 2022: 13th out of 118 at the Istria blue by UTMB 128km / 5000m D+ race
  • 2022: 58th out of 704 at the Nice Côte d'Azur by UTMB 108km / 5500m D+ race
  • 2021: 22nd out of 206 on the UTMJ - La Franco Suisse 112km / 4200m D+ (112km / 4200m D+)

My story:

My name is Sylvain, I'm 37 and I'm a financial director in Geneva. I was born in Evian-Les-Bains in Haute-Savoie and have always lived in Haute-Savoie except for 2 years when I lived in the Philippines.

I practised athletics, judo and table tennis when I was young, as well as free-fighting during my university studies in Lausanne. But it was in running that I found my inner peace. While I was planning to take part in my first trail race in 2018, my expatriation to the Philippines for professional reasons forced me to reconsider my plans.

So, when I returned to Haute-Savoie, I took up running more seriously, and trail running in particular, with the aim of finding out where my limits were. So I started trail running in 2021 with the 95km Ultra 01 (shorter wouldn't have been fun) and since then I've been sticking to formats between 100km and 130km with the aim of progressing. In the back of my mind, I'm thinking of maybe doing 160km one day...

Why I chose Naturalpes :

I couldn't stand having aches and pains and not being able to walk or sit down after my errands!

Following Johan Fernandez on social networks and being both in Haute-Savoie, I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask his advice and see if he had any tips. That's when he recommended the sport balm I tried during the Lavaredo 120km. And what a miracle!

Virtually no muscle pain during and after the race! So I tried it and definitely adopted the balm. Today I'm proud to be able to share my experience with other athletes.

Mountain Bike Freeride

Olivier CUVET

Freeride MTB

  • 2022 & 2021: Host of the Alchemy Invitational
  • 2021 : Best line award Evo Bike Jam
  • Opening of Freeride lines in the Alps

My story:

I started MTB at 15 years old after a few years of tennis.

In fact, my friends and I have always been riding bikes, and when we were 5 or 6 years old we used to pile up pallets and jump as far as we could in my street. It never really left me, it came back naturally.

During my law and business studies, I rode when I could and some partners (kisses to them) helped me to equip myself (frame, suspension, protections, ...) and I was very happy to be able to combine studies and cycling in this way.

When I graduated, I went to New Zealand for 5 months, I rode and shot every day, and the brands liked it a lot! New partners arrived, they offered me some money, and I was able to start riding every day and live from cycling! Since then I'm enjoying it !

Why I chose Naturalpes :

I chose Naturalpes because they pay great! No seriously, before the products, it is their approach and vision of things that I like. They control the whole chain of production of the products, are concerned and conscious of the world in which we live.

It gives healthy, viable and for my case rather effective products! The CBD oil helps me to relieve my body during intense wrinkle week. And in case of a fall, the balm helps me to recover faster, I am still surprised!

Freeride mountain bike

vtt cbd gianlucca

Gianluca LUCCINI

Freeride MTB

vtt cbd naturalpes sportif

My story:

Hi, this is Gianni. At the age of 16, I started mountain biking and discovered a new world and an exciting community with a mindset and values that I share and that drives me.

I then moved to Switzerland at the age of 19, without really knowing where I would end up. I had only one goal: To make new experiences to continue to progress and improve my mountain biking. 

At that time I was doing downhill racing but life's ups and downs, especially economic ones, prevented me from continuing this discipline and I decided to concentrate on freeriding in order to be really free to live my passion 100%.

My sporting life was then mixed with marketing and thanks to one of my sponsors, I was able to take a new step in my career. Today I am Marketing and Sales Manager for a bike distribution brand and this allows me to transmit my passion and my vision to as many people as possible.

Why I chose Naturalpes :

From the first contact, I had a great feeling with the company, a young, super motivated and dynamic team, with the same vision as me in the business. The products are excellent and the environment at Naturalpes is very interesting and fun, you never get bored for a second. So who wouldn't want to work with friends?


Mickael DA SILVA


  • 2023: 2nd place European Championship category A
  • 2019: 1st place European Championship category B
  • 2019: 2nd place Alps championship category B
  • 2018: 2nd place European Championship category B
  • 2018: 1st place Alps championship category B
  • 2017: 1st place Alps championship category B

My story:

I started Capoeira at the age of 9. I loved the sport right away, because it has so many sides: martial arts, dance, rhythm, flexibility, etc. Every Wednesday morning I was excited, because in the afternoon there was training. Every Wednesday morning, I was excited, because in the afternoon, there was training. Very quickly, this sport became my priority, and it paid off! At the beginning of 2023, I lifted my European Category A vice-champion title. A great source of pride for me, and a great deal of emotion!

But to get to this point, a lot of training, falls, injuries... The hardest part was managing my studies and training. Now that I'm no longer a student, the difficulty lies in managing my work, my training, my girlfriend and my dog too.

Why I chose Naturalpes :

NaturalpesI experienced it during a period of crisis. I was doing training after training after long days at work and found myself 2 weeks before the European Games with a foot injury. I quickly looked for a solution and came across Naturalpes. The sales staff gave me excellent advice and support. Well, I didn't win first place, but with a second-place finish, it's fair to say that the products were effective. Naturalpes were effective.


Ilenia MOIX

IFBB Competitor / Sports Coach

  • - 2020 Online Coaching and opening my business
  • - 2019 IFBB Switzerland Competition - 2nd place in junior bikini
  • - 2019 Indoor coaching in let's go fitness
  • - 2019 Obtaining the state diploma of sports coach

My story:

I started weight training 7 years ago.

When I was 15 years old, working in the fields one summer, I was able to save up and pay for my first fitness membership.

I then validated 3 diplomas of sports coach, I coached in fitness room and then I launched into the bodybuilding competitions where I won the 2nd Swiss title in junior bikini in 2019.

After that, I opened my online and face-to-face sports/nutrition/health coaching business in 2020.

On a daily basis I have a very steady training rhythm, in one week I do :

4-5 weight training sessions, 2-3x high intensity cardio, 1-2 boxing sessions as well as 1-2 expeditions (cave exploration/mining/hiking/mountain climbing/urbex)

Why I chose Naturalpes :

In this context of high level sports activity, nutrition, sleep and quality supplements for recovery are essential.

I regularly consume CBD Gold 20% oil, CBD Wellness Sport Balm as well as CBD herbal teas Naturalpes.



Driver in European Championship 600STK

  • 2022 : 11th place European championship 600STK (FIM JuniorGP)
  • 2021: International trophy (Participated in a few rounds)
  • 2020: 7th place Italian Cup 600cc / Rookie of the Year
  • 2019 : Swiss Champion 160cc 8/8 wins

My story:

Since I was young I have been working day and night with one goal in mind: the MotoGP World Championship.

I have been on most of the European circuits, won races in different countries, and challenged adults since I was 13 years old.

2022 was my first year in the antechamber of the world championship.

My team and I managed to finish almost every race in the top 10 and we gained a lot of experience.

Next year, I will again participate in the European Championship as the only Swiss driver with the FAU55 Tey Racing team, with the aim of fighting at the front of the field at every grand prix and thus aiming for the world stage.

Why I chose Naturalpes :

I was looking for a natural alternative to relieve my muscle pain after my runs. That's when I came across Naturalpes and they immediately suggested I try their CBD Wellness 20% oil.

After the first use, I realized that I had found a natural and effective way to relieve myself after physical effort. With the balm as a supplement, I'm ready to hit the track again in no time!


Clément MARET    


  • 2023: 2nd overall Swiss Series Triathlon 2023
  • 2023: 6th in the Aix-en-Provence Semi-Ironman
  • 2023: 18th at the World Championship in Hamburg (short distance)
  • 2023: 8th Swiss Championship (standard distance)

My story:

My name is Clément, I'm 23 and I'm a triathlete. I come from Val de Bagnes, but live in Fully. 

Having sporty parents, I've been immersed in the sport from an early age. I went through trail running, ski mountaineering, basketball, cycling and finally triathlon. I've been doing these three disciplines for 7 years now. I started with short distances (750m - 20km - 5km) for 5 years. Then I got interested in standard distance (1500m - 40km - 10km). In 2023, I took part in my first semi-ironman, finishing 6th. 

I devote as much time as possible to training. I do 2 to 3 training sessions a day, which represents between 18 and 25 hours a week. Since November 2023, I've joined a triathlon academy in Girona to give myself the best possible chance of reaching the top in triathlon, especially the 70.3, semi-ironman.

Why I chose Naturalpes :

I found out about Naturalpes through my mom, who went straight to the store in Martigny. 

After visiting the website and reading about the benefits, I decided to contact them to find the best natural alternative for recovering from my workouts and races. They were able to advise me right away with their balm and CBD Wellness oil.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitor

  • 2022: Obtaining the brown belt
  • 2022 : 1st in the world no gi ranking and 2nd in the world purple belt ranking
  • 2022 : 1st at AJP Grand Prix Rome no gi
  • 2022: 1st at AJP Teams Cup Croatia gi
  • 2022: 1st at AJP Continental gi
  • 2022: 2nd at AJP Grand Slam London gi
  • 2019 : 1st at the European IBJJF

My story:

It all started in 2015 when I walked through the door of the fight move academy in Neuchâtel, with the aim of starting MMA. But very quickly my preference was for the ground fighting part.

I really fell in love with this strange and complicated sport, mixing flexibility, strength and technique that is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

In 2017, I won my first European white belt championship. This landmark event motivated me to continue with the competition. Then in 2019, I won again the European championship but this time in blue belt.

In 2021, my training partner and her husband opened Alvorada Jiu-Jitsu in Ostermundigen. I decided without hesitation to leave my home to be closer to what I believe will be the best Jiu-Jitsu school in Switzerland.

I am currently living my last months as a purple belt, that's why I participate in a maximum of competitions in order to test my level and to correct some details before having the chance to face the biggest names in my discipline.

In August, I won an important fight in Split and contributed to the qualification of my team for the World Team Championships which will take place at the end of the year in Abu Dhabi.

Why I chose Naturalpes :

I started using CBD oils in 2019 to help with inflammation and to help me recover faster between workouts. It has helped me tremendously, as the pain was so intense it was waking me up at night.

I appreciate the products of Naturalpes, because they offer a natural CBD oil, without THC, which I use before competitions to relax and relax the muscles that have been very stressed during the preparation.

The CBD oils also help me to better manage my stress and anxiety which allows me to have a calmer and more restful sleep. I use the Raw 13% outside of competition and the Wellness 20% before my competitions. I also use the Wellness 47% oil to massage myself in case of injury.

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