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What is CBD used for?
More and more CBD shops are springing up, offering a wide range of products such as flowers, oils, cosmetic creams and by-products for dogs and cats. Yet many of us are still unaware of CBD's properties. Wrongly associated with...
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Cannabis CBD Mini Buds
Type de culture : Mix intérieure & sous-serre Taux de CBD : 8-21% Taux de THC : < 1% Odeur : Parfum légèrement sucré et boisé Goût : Amer, notes de sapin et citronnée ------------ 10g = CHF 20.– 25g = CHF 50.– 5x sachets = 1 offert
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Hemp oil has become more popular due to its therapeutic benefits. These depend on its quality and level of purity. Here are some tips on how to make the best choice and avoid being ripped off.
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