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CBD flowers Floralpes

The flowers Naturalpes become Floralpes

After 5 years of close collaboration with our local producers who can now provide us with the best market prices, we are pleased to announce the launch of our new brand FLORALPES by NATURALPES. 

Pure, simple, natural: the cannabis plants (CBD flower) are the basis of all the remarkable products of Naturalpes. It is from these flowers that we produce our oils or our cosmetic products. It is of course possible to consume them as they are, without transformation after harvest and drying.

Special" CBD range

From 4,2 CHF / Gram

This special line offers the cream of the crop for thrill seekers. These are the most concentrated products on the market, with CBD levels up to 90%. The Moon Rock is conceived from high quality flowers, which are soaked in a distillate rich in CBD and other cannabinoids, then to be rolled in a Swiss premium pollen. Ice Rock follows the same process, but instead of being rolled in pollen, the dried flowers are covered with a generous layer of pure CBD isolate, which gives it its icy or sweet appearance according to your taste.

Indoor " CBD " range

from 3,4 CHF / Gram

The plant is grown indoors in a covered space and our indoor flowers are locally grown to offer rich flavors and ideal quality in summer and winter. The advantage of indoor cultivation lies in the ability to control all factors that can affect the flowers during growth and flowering. The high end material that our growers use guarantees this ease of controlling the light time that simulates the sun cycle, the temperature, the CO2 that the plants need and minimizes the problems that can harm the cannabis plants. This method of cultivation is used in order to offer you an unequalled quality with an optimal CBD rate.

Greenhouse" CBD range

from 2,5 CHF / Gram

Our Greenhouse flowers are the perfect cross between indoor and outdoor growing. The plants that grow in the greenhouse benefit from an ideal microclimate, while enjoying the nutrients of a natural soil, rich in minerals and micro biodiversity. Greenhouse growing also provides plants with natural sunlight, which is much more intense than the lights used indoors. The greenhouse also protects the plants from bad weather, temperature changes, as well as from animals or insects that could destroy the plants.

Mini buds" CBD range

from 1,6 CHF / Gram

After quality control, all our flowers go through two different sorting screens to separate the heads of a certain size from the rest. The first sieve with a finer mesh, allows us to harvest the trim and the second sieve gives us the Mini Buds. Small, dense and tasty buds at a reasonable price.

Trim" CBD range

from 0,8 CHF / Gram

All our flowers pass through two sieves for selective sorting. The trim comes from the first sieve, which only lets through the small flower and leaf particles of our manicured CBD buds. The result is a crumbled mix of our premium strains at a lower cost while avoiding waste. Economical and surprising in its tasting.

FAQ CBD Flowers

The legality of CBD flowers varies according to local and national regulations. In Switzerland, they are legal if they contain less than 1% THC. It is essential to check local laws before buying or consuming them.
No, CBD flowers are not psychoactive, as they contain very little THC. They won't get you high.
CBD is not generally considered addictive. It is not physically addictive, but some people may develop a psychological dependence.
The duration of CBD's effects varies according to the method of consumption. When smoked or vaporized, the effects are generally felt within minutes and last from 1 to 3 hours.
Firstly, the action is rapid, with effects felt within minutes, making it an ideal option for immediate non-psychotropic relaxation. For some, the ritual of smoking can be soothing, creating a moment of relaxation. However, burning plant matter carries health risks due to exposure to smoke and toxins, which may limit its appeal for some people.
To choose quality Swiss CBD flowers, make sure you know the origin and method of cultivation, prefer organic and pesticide-free products, check the CBD content and look for independent third-party test results. Also consider the product's variety, appearance, color and smell, while checking online customer reviews for additional quality information.
CBD flowers contain a negligible amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the cannabis compound responsible for the psychotropic and addictive effect. CBD brings relaxation, not disinhibiting effects.
CBD flowers can be consumed in a number of ways, including smoking, vaping, infusing in oils or tinctures.


Superior quality and outstanding purity

Our flower selection comes from CBD cannabis plants grown at the foot of the Swiss Alps, in Valais, on a plain of the Rhone River caressed by the mountain winds. These plants are produced in a natural way, without chemical fertilizers or synthetic pesticides by experienced producers.

That said, Naturalpes imposes a follow-up of the production by starting with the choice of the varieties. We select the varieties of cannabis CBD not only the most powerful in terms of therapeutic properties, but also the most interesting taste. Moreover, the wide range of varieties available at Naturalpes meets all the needs of our customers.

In addition, the harvesting, drying and finally the packaging of the flowers are carried out in an optimal way under the supervision of the experts of Naturalpes. These are important operations: creating and maintaining a systematic approach allows us to ensure superior quality on a continuous basis.


The production of CBD cannabis at Naturalpes is possible in three distinct ways: indoors, under greenhouse and outdoors. The climate of our region constitutes one of the elements very favorable to its production. These types of cultures confer a yield and an exceptional quality. The flowers, carefully selected, give a Swiss product of superior quality.

Naturalpes wants to be close to the hemp producers, listening to their needs and desires. Because they are the ones who know their land, their soil. What it is possible to do or not. This is why we offer a varied selection, according to the harvest. We invite you to come back regularly to visit this page and to subscribe to our newsletter in order to stay informed of our news.


Our hemp flowers, rich in CBD (cannabidiol), can be consumed by burning or vaporising, but also as an infusion. There are many other ways to enjoy CBD cannabis flowers, for example in cooking.

In infusion form, it is preferable to add a fatty substance (milk or cream, for example) for a better assimilation of the properties. People who do not consume food from animals can also use honey, which is an excellent alternative.

For other methods of consuming CBD-containing products, you can check out CBD oils, vaping items and vaporizers.

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