Why is CBD expensive?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound found in cannabis plants. Unlike illegal cannabis plants, the very low THC content of CBD plants means that they do not fall into the psychotropic category. People who consume CBD, whether in flower,oil or cosmetic form, do so because it gives them a sense of well-being. In particular, it helps them relax and cope better with life's physical and mental ups and downs.

However, CBD has a cost especially if you want to consume a good quality product. Compared to other European countries, Switzerland does not have exorbitant prices in this area, but they can be high enough to make you wonder. Naturalpes gives you some answers.

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Why is CBD expensive? 4

CBD plants grown exclusively in Switzerland

The CBD cannabis plants grown in Switzerland meet very strict quality and traceability requirements. From the cultivation to the drying to the packaging of the flowers or their transformation into oil and balm, the know-how of the country reveals all its potential. This is one of the reasons why Swiss CBD is the most popular CBD in many European countries. But all this comes at a price.

The key role of Valais farmers in producing quality CBD

At Naturalpes, we work with passionate local farmers. The Valaisan producers who grow our CBD cannabis know their land, and know how to get the best out of it. For more than 5 years of collaboration, we give them all our confidence and they return us well, by cultivating CBD premium with the height of our expectations and those of our customers. And of course, we pay our farmers the right amount for their talent, which is reflected in the prices offered.

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Why is CBD expensive? 5

Rigorous selection of CBD seeds to comply with Swiss law

The Swiss cannabis law, in effect since 2017, stipulates that CBD plants must not exceed 1% THC content to be legal. To respect the law and offer you a product in accordance with the regulations, a preliminary work of selection of seeds is necessary. This one is as meticulous as time-consuming, but is absolutely crucial. This selection thus increases the costs of production of the CBD.

Complex processes of extraction and refinement of cannabidiol requiring a real know-how

The process of extracting and refiningCBD oil can be very complex. There are many different processes for extracting compounds from plant material. The most efficient and environmentally-friendly process is CO2 extraction, which requires expensive equipment and know-how to work properly. For this reason, some companies choose to use other methods such as ethanol or butane extraction, which are less expensive, but less efficient and healthier than CO2 extraction.

The paste obtained from the extraction process must be refined to form an oil. The fats and chlorophyll are first filtered out through winterization, a cold separation process. The filtered paste must then be heated to a specific temperature to transform the acidic molecules into neutral ones, which is called decarboxylation.

The whole process requires laboratories and real scientific know-how to be done properly. However, know-how has a price: this is why CBD extracted and refined according to the best methods will always be more expensive.

The importance of controls and laboratory tests

CBD is often confused with its illegal cousin, cannabis. The only way to prove that a plant is indeed CBD and not cannabis is through the analysis of specialized laboratories. These demanding controls and tests are the only way to legally offer CBD products. Other equally important tests are carried out on CBD-based products to detect possible allergens, heavy metals or other molecules that are harmful to health. However, laboratories charge relatively high prices to provide these guarantees.

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Why is CBD expensive? 6

Normal costs associated with running a business selling products

Although CBD is relatively new, it does not escape the rules that apply to all businesses marketing a product. Logistics costs, human resources, different marketing strategies and numerous taxes apply to a CBD dealer as much as to any other dealer.

A high quality CBD guaranteed by the ISO 9001 Quality Certification

The ISO 9001 is an internationally recognized quality standard that assures customers of the company's commitment to producing high quality products and services. This applies not only to customer satisfaction, who must have access to high quality products that comply with regulations, but also to production processes.

The ISO 9001 Quality Certification also guarantees constant efforts in the evolution and innovation of the services and products sold, the attention paid to the needs expressed by the customers and the answers provided, but also to the comfort and the risks faced by the different actors of the production, etc.

The specifications are broad, so for a company like Naturalpes to obtain this certification, substantial resources must be put in place for an impeccable quality management.

Naturalpes A high quality CBD sold at the right price

Naturalpes offers you a high quality CBD at a fair price. Whether it is our oils, our flowers, our balms or our infusions, each product is sold with a very strict quality requirement. From the selection of the seeds to their transformation, we mobilize the best technologies and the greatest talents in order to offer you the best of what is done in Switzerland.

Naturalpes is committed to providing these premium CBD products at an affordable price so that everyone can enjoy the well-being and many benefits offered by Mother Nature. By purchasing your CBD from us, you are ensuring that every Swiss franc spent is used to guarantee ethical and local products, designed for your well being according to the best methods, and this in all legality.

And you, would you rather pay more for a high quality product, or get a cheap CBD, but with a poor production process and no traceability? Feel free to give your opinion in comments!

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