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cannabis. Used for recreational purposes, this variety of cannabis is legal. However, it's essential to choose a quality store that emphasizes purity, transparency and product variety. Naturalpes CBD leader in French-speaking Switzerland explains all.
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Is CBD consumption appropriate for all age groups? At what age can CBD be taken in Switzerland? Focus on CBD or cannabidiol recommendations and legislation in Switzerland.
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Thanks to its many health benefits, CBD is gaining more and more ground in Switzerland. Since 2017, cannabidiol consumption has been legal in the Confederation, giving rise to a growing number of stores and online boutiques, among which it's often difficult to keep an...
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The effect of CBD on the body

Although the benefits of CBD on the mind (relaxation, anxiolytic effects, ...) are known, we can wonder what are the effects of CBD on the body? Naturalpes has conducted the investigation ...
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Swiss Mountain

What is the point of smoking CBD?

What is an e-cigarette? What are the advantages and disadvantages of its use? How can we mix it with the products we offer while keeping a strict control of the quality of these products? These are the topics we address here in order to provide more clarity on our new products!
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Cannabis Flower

Buy cheap CBD?

Today, almost everyone is familiar with CBD (cannabidiol) as it has seduced so many people. What about CBD Trim? This is a cheap alternative to CBD cannabis flowers.
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Cannabis Naturalpes

The little miracles of detox teas

Saturated fats, cholesterol, alcohol, heavy metals, pesticides... So many substances that our body is confronted with on a daily basis. How to get rid of them? Naturalpes presents a natural and ancestral method.
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Blog Naturalpes

The benefits of CBD on youth unhappiness

Entering the adult world is a complex and challenging time. How can CBD help teenagers overcome their disorders?
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CBD oil

CPure, undeniable proof of a successful bet

Today, cannabis cbd is a booming market. How did we get here? How did this product, still completely illegal before 2016, enter the market?
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CBD effects

What are the benefits of CBD on our body and mind?

Relaxing without shooting, soothing without poisoning, isn't CBD the best alternative to relieve us without taking us away from the real world?
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CBD oil

7 good reasons to use hemp

Hemp (or cannabis) has been a taboo subject for decades. In reality, consuming hemp has many benefits for both humans and animals.
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Why do pensioners support the marijuana industry in California?

Marijuana, the herb that has acquired a bad reputation over the years, has several health benefits. Prohibited by federal law, 29 US states, including New York and the District of Columbia, have recently approved the therapeutic use of cannabis.
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